Collection: Dog Hair Coloring

OPAWZ is dedicated to your pet's safety first and foremost.

OPAWZ products have been used safely globally in salons for the past decade now. Product safety is always our top priority, above vibrant coloring results.

We diligently check with regulatory bodies including the FDA and Health Canada to ensure our ingredients are cosmetic-grade and used in safe quantities.

However, correct usage is also crucial for ensuring safety. This is why we also put so much effort into educating our groomers and customers.

What is Cytotoxicity Testing? 

Cytotoxicity testing is a crucial step in ensuring the safety of products, including dog hair dye.

In simple terms, it is a laboratory test that assesses the potential of a substance to cause harm to cells. Specifically, it helps us understand if a product has the potential to harm living cells, which is a critical consideration when it comes to pet products like dog hair dye.

By conducting this test, we can properly evaluate the dye's effects on cells and make sure it does not pose any harm. It is a crucial part of our safety evaluation process.

We have submitted our dyes to get tested at a professional laboratory and they have all passed this inspection. 

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